Master in Architecture

The Master's Degree in Architecture is an advanced training program, aimed at academic or professional specialization, in order to serve those students who complete the Degree in Architecture Foundations. This title will serve to achieve the attributes of the profession of Architect to students who have completed the qualifying title of Graduate in Architecture. Therefore, it is linked to the exercise of the regulated profession of Architect.

Thematic Library

This title can respond to the continuity of students with a Graduate in Fundamentals of Architecture, and a Graduate in Architecture, as well as professionals currently employed in companies in the Region and who do not currently have advanced studies in the field of Architecture in a close environment that allows them to update their training.

It is important to take into account the appropriate entry profiles for accredited professional experience both in the construction of buildings, and in companies linked to advanced consulting of structures and building installations, as well as other professional experience demonstrated in companies and / or administrations in urban planning matter.